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Lip Flips

What is a Lip Flip?

A lip flip is a quick, in-office cosmetic procedure that lasts about 10 to 20 minutes. It involves the injection of Botox into your Cupid’s bow, which is the middle of your upper lip, and into the corners of your mouth.

The injection temporarily relaxes the muscles around your lip. This causes the part of your upper lip that’s inside your mouth to “flip” upward and outward, giving your lip a fuller appearance.

Before & After Photos

To decide whether a lip flip is the right procedure for you, it’s helpful to see pictures of real people before and after the Botox injections. Ask your doctor for before-and-after photos at your initial consultation.

Keep in mind that if the photo is taken immediately after the procedure, the lip may be swollen and look more enhanced than it will once swelling subsides.

Lip Flip

Lip Flip FAQ

Everything you need to know about your Lip Flip procedure.

Who’s a good candidate for the procedure?

People who opt for the lip flip procedure include those who:

  • are hoping to achieve fuller lips without a dermal filler
  • think their upper lip “disappears” when they smile
  • want their smile to appear less gummy, which is when your smile shows more of your gums than you’d like

Generally, the effects of the procedure last for 8 to 12 weeks. If you’re looking for a more permanent option, lip lifts or dermal lip fillers might be better for you.

What’s the difference between a lip flip and a dermal filler?

Lip flips and dermal fillers both result in fuller-looking lips. But the procedures differ.

While lip flips only appear to make lips plumper, dermal fillers actually do make lips fuller. In this procedure, a medical professional will inject your lips with a substance made mostly of hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid helps give your skin structure and a hydrated appearance.

Lip flips, on the other hand, use a small amount of Botox to relax the muscles around your upper lip so it turns upward. This makes your lip look fuller, but its actual volume doesn’t increase; it just gets rearranged.

If you want to truly change the shape and volume of your lips, dermal fillers or lip implants may be a better choice for you.

What’s the lip flip procedure like?

Before the Procedure

For 3 to 4 days before the procedure, you’ll need to avoid alcohol and blood thinners like aspirin, which can make swelling worse.

During the Procedure

  • Here are a few things to know about the lip flip procedure itself:
    It should take only around 10 minutes.
  • The doctor likely won’t numb your lips beforehand, because the procedure isn’t very painful. Some people have compared it to the sensation of having a pimple on your lip.
  • The doctor will inject Botox into the center and corners of your upper lip.

After the Procedure

Following a lip flip, you’ll be able to resume most daily activities, though your upper lip may feel slightly numb and look swollen. Here are some post-procedure tips:

  • Avoid smoking in the days after the procedure because it may increase the risk of infection.
  • Keep from rubbing or massaging your lips, which can cause the Botox to spread.
  • Try to sleep on your back for a few days so your lips don’t press against your pillow.
How long before I see results?

Following a lip flip, you should begin to see results within a few days and continual improvement for several days after that. You’ll see the full effect of the lip flip approximately 10 to 14 days after the procedure.

It’s important to note that lip flips are not permanent. Results last around 2 to 3 months, since only very small amounts of Botox are injected into your lips. Once you start to notice that the effects are wearing off, you can choose to maintain your results by having additional Botox injections.

If you’re looking for a more permanent option, Botox lip fillers last longer — around a year.

What are the potential side effects?

Lip flips are generally considered a safe, low-risk procedure, especially because they use such a small amount of Botox. Minor bruising or swelling may occur at the injection site.

If a larger dose of Botox is injected, it may cause your lips to relax too much. This might make it hard to close them. It could also result in:

  • drooling
  • difficulty forming certain words
  • the inability to spit or whistle
  • trouble keeping fluids in your mouth after drinking
  • drooping on one side of your mouth, similar to the appearance of a stroke

The Takeaway

A lip flip is a nonsurgical cosmetic procedure that can help people achieve a fuller upper lip without dermal filler. The procedure involves Botox injections into your upper lip to relax the muscles and “flip” your lip upward.

It’s a less expensive option than a dermal filler because it uses very few units of Botox.

It’s important to find a qualified cosmetic surgeon to do the procedure. At your initial consultation, ask for before and after pictures and discuss what you’re hoping to achieve.

Lip Blushing

What Is Lip Blushing?

Lip blushing is becoming more and more popular these days, and it’s easy to see why. This natural-looking procedure can help give you the rosy pout you love without the maintenance of lip fillers. Read on to learn more and see if lip blushing is right for you.

What Is Lip Blush?

Lip blush is a form of semi-permanent makeup applied by an aesthetician or permanent makeup artist. Lip blushing is a subtle lip tattoo that uses natural shades of organic pigment to enhance the beauty of your lips.1 The purpose of lip blushing is to:

  • Boost your natural lip color
  • Improve or correct the shape of your lips
  • Add definition to lip borders
  • Create the illusion of fullness

While lip fillers actually add volume to your lips, a lip blush tattoo gives the illusion of volume by adding pigment. Lip blushing delivers a natural-looking finish that may elevate your look in a more subtle way than a lip injection.

How Does Lip Blushing Work?

To apply lip blush, an aesthetician deposits small dots of pigment in the lips using a mechanical needle. This is typically done in layers with different configurations, so the result looks natural and even.

Who Can Get Lip Blushing?

Who Can Get Lip BlushingIt’s always helpful to consult your doctor before you get semi permanent makeup work done. You’ll want to make sure that your lips are in the best possible condition before the procedure. If you’ve recently had any of the following treatments, you’ll need to wait at least four weeks.

  • Any lip injection, like lip fillers
  • Chemical peels
  • Other lip treatments

To prevent excess bleeding or bruising, you’ll also want to avoid the following on the day of the treatment:

  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Exercise
  • Ibuprofen
  • Fish oil
  • Vitamin E5
How To Prepare For Lip Blushing

If you go in for a lip blushing treatment, your aesthetician will work with you to decide on the right lip tint shade and shape. Since this is a semi-permanent procedure, you may want to avoid seasonal trends and instead focus on what looks best on your skin tone.

One popular Los Angeles-based technician suggests you try on a range of neutral lipstick colors beforehand. You can bring in a color you love and ask the aesthetician to match it. You can also bring reference photos to share your desired color and shape.

What To Expect From Your Treatment

What To Expect From Lip Blushing

If you’re ready to try a lip blushing treatment, here’s what you can expect.

1. The technician will apply a topical anesthetic to your lips. It will take about 20 minutes to start working.
2. While you’re waiting for the numbing cream to do its thing, your technician will go over your desired lip color and shape. If you brought in reference photos, you would share them at this stage.
3. The technician will then wipe off the cream and start the cosmetic tattoo process. They will likely start by tattooing the outline of your lips, similar to a lip liner. Then they will fill them in.
4. Your lips will be pigmented by a mechanical needle that deposits color in layers.
5. The process can take anywhere between 1-3 hours.

Does Lip Blushing Hurt?

Because your lips will be numbed with a topical cream, you likely won’t feel more than a slight stinging sensation. Some compare it to the feeling of using a strong lip scrub. If you’re concerned, talk to the technician beforehand for reassurance.

How Long Does Lip Blushing Last?

How Long Does Lip Blushing LastLip blushing can last 3-5 years, depending on the desired look. For comparison’s sake, lip fillers require a touch up every 3-12 months.

What Can I Expect After A Lip Blushing Treatment?

After your treatment, you may see some of the following changes to your lips:

  • Swelling
  • Flaking
  • Peeling
  • Dryness
  • Strong pigmentation (a stronger color than you were expecting)

These changes will vary from person to person and will likely go away as your lips heal. If you have any concerns, contact your lip technician or doctor.


You will be sent home with aftercare instructions to help with the healing process. These instructions will typically contain advice such as:

  • Keep lips moisturized with lip balm
  • Avoid heavy exercise where you sweat
  • Avoid other activities that may make you sweat, like intense sun exposure
  • Avoid drinking dark liquids
  • Avoid using whitening toothpaste
Plan For A Touch-Up

Plan For A Touch-UpOnce your lips have healed, your technician will likely invite you back to the office to make sure you are satisfied.

If you love the color of your new lips, you can plan to go in once a year to maintain your color. Regular, frequent touch-ups are not necessary, which is one of the reasons why people love this procedure.

Is This Procedure Right For You?

You know yourself best. Some people will see that this treatment lasts 3-5 years and think of it as a dream come true. Others may see that time frame and decide to move right along. When weighing your decision, consider the cost, permanence, amount of time or money this would save you, and your own pain tolerance.

If you decide to go for it, shop around for a clean, well-regarded salon and a highly-skilled professional. And don’t forget to snap some before and after pictures.