Wake Up with Makeup: Save Time & Feel More Confident

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Wake Up with Makeup: Save Time & Feel More Confident

In this ever-changing, fast-paced world, we’re all looking to shave a few minutes off our daily beauty routine. How much time do you spend each morning applying cosmetics; eyeliner, lip liner, lipstick and contouring your eyebrows? What about the additional time it takes to remove stubborn waterproof eyeliner during your evening routine?

Now there’s a way to elevate your self-care routine and look beautiful 24/7 with perfectly sculpted, no maintenance eyebrows, lashes, and plumper, poutier-looking lips. Thanks to permanent makeup or micropigmentation, a revolutionary technology that is safe, natural-looking and affordable, you can wake up with makeup without the fuss.

Permanent makeup is the art and application using tiny needles and custom-blended pigments inserted manually into the dermal layer of the skin to enhance your natural features. The most common procedures are microblading and microshading, eyeliner and lip blushing. At the Aesthetic Sanctuary, only pigment made of non-toxic vegetable ink is used and matched to your existing eyebrows and skin tone for the most natural look.

Benefits of Eyebrow Tattoos:

  • Have fuller, more defined brows while still looking natural.
  • Look good 24/7 – wake up with makeup.
  • Waterproof & sweatproof (beneficial for those with active lifestyles or oily skin that cause makeup to smudge or wear off quickly).
  • Convenience – improve daily lifestyle & save time.
  • Replace hair loss or loss of pigment (due to alopecia, vitiligo, chemotherapy, thyroid disease, age related changes, injury).
  • Removes difficulties of makeup application (if you have poor vision or unsteady hands)
  • Evens out asymmetrical features
  • A possible option if you have allergies to cosmetics

Lip blushing is another popular, semi-permanent tattooing procedure:

  • Improves the natural appeal of the lip color; ideal for pale or aging lips
  • Defines & creates the appearance of plumper, poutier lips without the need for injectables or surgery
  • Enhances lip symmetry
  • Color correction for scars and uneven pigmentation

Permanent Eyeliner and Lash Line enhancement benefits include:

  • Accentuates your eye shape and color without the need for traditional makeup
  • No need to apply everyday
  • Smudge proof and waterproof

Today’s leading cosmetic tattooing experts have developed new techniques and specialize in pigments designed to look natural and age beautifully.

To find out if micropigmentation is right for you, contact Heather Sinnott, affectionately known as “the Brow Babe,” at the Aesthetic Sanctuary for your complimentary consultation at 704-727-7220. A licensed esthetician & highly skilled microblade specialist since 2005, Heather’s passion for beautification paired with her exceptional eye for detail, design and symmetry led her to pursue this artistic path of permanent cosmetics. She loves to make everyone she meets feel beautiful!

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